ABE - Advanced Broadcasting Electronics

• April 12th - The Company is established in Treviglio (Bergamo)
• Design and manufacture of the first Solid State TV Transmitter (10W)
Roberto Valentin - Chief Executive, ABE Elettronica.

Born in Milan on the July 21, 1956.
After some entrepreneurial activities made during his studies, Roberto established ABE Elettronica in 1979 -- of which he has always been the Director.

Designer of radio and TV transmitters and microwave links both for work and for passion (he built his first radio at the age of nine and his first transmitter at the age of thirteen), Roberto is currently responsible for marketing, technical staff training both for company personnel and for customers; he writes articles and technical manuals, and he holds conferences and seminars both in Italy and abroad.

Besides the technical activity, he is involved in management/general direction of the company and of other societies of the group.
ABE's first trademark ABE's first trademark
The first ABE Elettronica trademark, in use from 1979 and registered in 1982.
1980 - 1981
• ABE widens its TV Transmitter range with the introduction of low and medium power (100-200-1000W)   tube models.
• The Company moves to a brand-new and larger building on an entrepreneurial business estate in   Caravaggio (Bergamo).
Early Eighties Early Eighties

Tube (triode) 100W UHF Power Amplifier ABE type 'L100' for analog TV Transmitter
Entrance of ABE factory in Caravaggio - 1980 Entrance of ABE factory in Caravaggio - 1980
1982 - 1987
• The TV Transmitter range is completed with the introduction of the high-power (5-10-20kW) tube   models.
• Introduction of a whole range of analogue Microwave Links in bands from 2 to 14GHz.
• Arrival of international business contacts.
Vintage Microwave Link Vintage Microwave Link

one of the first models of 10GHz ABE Microwave Links
Urbano Pagnoncelli
Sales Manager and member of the Board of Directors of ABE Elettronica.

Born in Ciserano on September 19, 1956.
After studies, Urbano's work experience began at the end of the seventies with the first Italian and foreign private TV stations, through installation and management of transmitting equipment.

Once in ABE in the early eighties, he first worked as a technician, proving his ability, then he became increasingly involved with customer relations, commercial matters and all of the internalization phases.

Since 1985 he has been a partner of the company structure, and since 1987 he became the Sales Manager.
Vintage Power Amplifier (5/10KW) Vintage Power Amplifier (5/10KW)


Tube (tetrode) UHF Power Amplifier ABE Type ìL5000/10000î for 5KW analog TV Transmitter (with combined amplification), or for the 10KW version (with separate amplification).
• Owing to continuous growth, ABE becomes a joint-stock company.
• Establishment of A.F. Meccanica Srl, a Company controlled by ABE, conceived as a support and   answer to ABE’s growing fabrication needs and specialising in the high-frequency precision mechanics   field (filters, microwave housings, antennas; etc).
Massimo Carioli - Technical Director and member of the Board of Directors of ABE Elettronica.

Born in Treviglio on the November 25, 1954.
After studies and some work experience in electronic telecommunication companies as designer and systems analyst, Massimo arrived at ABE Elettronica in the early eighties in the Research and Development department.

Thanks to his previous matured experiences and to the continuous technological developments followed in ABE, he gained a wide knowledge and ability both in the digital (in which he has always been involved) and analog technologies of base band, high frequency and microwave.

Since 1985 he has been a partner of the company structure, and since 1987 he has been the Technical Director.
• First exhibition at an international trade fair (International Telecommunication Symposium in Montreaux).
1990 - 1995
• Launch of the whole range of high-power Solid-State TV Transmitters, in both VHF and UHF bands.
• Constant participation in all the most important TV Broadcasting international exhibitions (NAB, IBC,   Broadcast Asia; etc.)
• ABE moves to a new, larger and more prestigious building in Caravaggio, reflecting the Company’s new   development needs.
ABE Head Office ABE Head Office

ABE's new building in Caravaggio.
1997 - 2002
• Development of digital technologies and production of MPEG-2 Encoders, Multiplexers, digital   Modulators, Microwave Links and Digital Transmitters.
• Design and implementation of a Remote Control and Monitoring system for all series of equipment in the   ABE range.
• ABE obtains Quality Certification in compliance with the ISO-9001 international standard.
2003 - Today
• Launch on the market of the new OFDM digital modulator, designed both for terrestrial digital   broadcasting transmitters (DTT) and Microwave Links and of the modulator/up-converter for satellite   uplinks.
• Constant development, upgrading and updating of the whole range of products according to the most   recent and innovative technologies.
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