June 7, 2013 11:57.32

Published a new technical note on GNSS SFN network synchronisation
Over a year ago, we published a technical note entitled “THE STABLE SYNCHRONIZATION OF SINGLE
FREQUENCY NETWORKS USING NEW CONCEPT GPS” in which were described the specific, not easily implementable features required for GPS receivers/synchronizers employed in digital, single frequency radio-TV broadcasting networks (SFN - Single Frequency Network) necessary to avoid de-synchronization issues and the ensuing serious disturbs/interferences that may result from them.
This technical note illustrates the latest developments that make the use of time and frequency references (1PPS and 10MHz) based upon navigation satellite reception (GNSS – Global Naviga-tion Satellite System: GPS, GLONASS, etc.) safer and more stable even under extreme condi-tions. Thanks to these further implementations, we feel that it can be said that, today, GNSS based synchronisation systems, besides being safe and easily installable, represent the techno-logically and economically most beneficial solution.

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