Professional Training Courses
ABE Elettronica is pleased to offer professional technical training courses to enable operators to become familiar with the technology underlying the company's products.

With a standard duration of 4 to 5 days, each course deals with the theory, design and practical aspects of digital and analog TV Transmitters / Transposers, microwave links, radiation systems, and MPEG encoders and multiplexers.

The techniques of video, audio and RF measurement are thoroughly covered in appropriate sections, with the opportunity to experience some of the latest test equipment. Detailed content of each course can be customized to suit the particular
needs of those attending.

Qualified engineers or technicians should find the theoretical ground covered by the course to be a useful refresher, with particular emphasis on the principles on which the company's products have been designed.

The course includes hands-on experience designed to give participants the necessary basis to undertake fault diagnosis, repair and calibration of the equipment in their standard configurations.
This provides a degree of familiarity which can prove indispensable when confronted for the first time with equipment needing attention.

The options available to maintenance personnel will be discussed in reallife scenarios, with reference to the information presented on display panels and front panel indicators.

Participants will be able to learn how to restore service in the minimum of time, with informed discussion about the alternatives in particular circumstances. Included in this part of the training will be the ability to monitor and adjust transmitters and links equipment, both on-site and remotely, using ABE's Network Management system, with the latest software.

Further information about availability and prices of ABE's Training Courses may be obtained from our Sales Office.
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