TV Microwave links for fixed (STL) & mobile applications
The innovative “DML” series of Digital Microwave Links for fixed and mobile applications represent the latest development based on ABE digital and microwave technological knowledge and experience, accumulated with thousands of units produced since 1982, when it started with the first “PM” Link series.

These are agile synthesized Digital Links (also usable with analog signals), extremely compact, flexible and competitively priced.

The “DML” series represent a big step towards diffusion and application of the latest digital technologies.



• Capable to carry up to #6 different MPEG Transport Streams
• Transparent mode to carry SFN Transport Streams (also including ISDB-T/Tb BTS)
• High capacity: over 100Mbit/s total net bit rate in 28MHz RF bandwidth
Frequency Agile in its range (typically 500MHz)
• Several frequency range available (2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14 GHz - other on request)
• Modulation schemes supported: DVB-S/S2 or OFDM (DVB standard)
Fixed (STL) and mobile (with tripods) applications
• RF heads for outdoor and indoor applications
• Standard input/output interface: ASI - On request: Ethernet for T.S. over IP
Analog Video/Audio in/out interfaces (versions with embedded MPEG codecs)


Use of the most advanced standard (DVB-S2) for backhauling and contribution in Television Broadcasting

NO proprietary modulation schemes and FEC codes (DVB-S2 modulation schemes up to 32APSK are employed)
NO proprietary aggregation systems - The aggregation of the Transport Streams (up to #6) is made employing the DVB-S2 MULTISTREAM mode
NO proprietary encryption: DVB-S2 Physical Layer scrambling implemented

Efficient use of the electromagnetic spectrum

No overhead for encapsulation to carry multiple Transport Streams
Very high efficiency Forward Error Correction Codes (LDPC + BCH)
No fixed capacity: parameters (bandwidth, FEC codes, etc.) are optimized in order to obtain the best performance according to the available bandwidth and needed capacity
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