Other Products (MMDS, ENG, Modules & Boards...)
Other products in ABE's production range:

TV Transmitters & Transposers "MMDS" Series
On request, Digital and Analog versions, in the range2.3 to 2.7 GHz, with output power level (per single channel) from 1 to 50W.

Custom specified Modules, Boards & products
Digital Boards (MPEG encoders, digital modulators, interfaces, etc.), RF Power amplifiers modules, synthesized oscillators and so on.
Contact ABE’s Technical/Sales office for more information.

ENG Microwave Links
ABE "ENG" Digital OFDM Microwave Links (operating in the 2GHz band) is the ideal system for connecting a wireless TV camera (also mounted on motor vehicles, motorcycles, etc.) to a production center.
It can also be used as a mobile link and it is able to transfer high quality video and audio signals.
In operation, the range depends on the type of antenna used and on the output power and can extend to several kilometers.

A detailed technical brochure can be requested by contacting ABE's Technical - Sales Office.
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