uhf antenna and vhf antenna


The LB series antenna panels are the basic units to build complex VHF and UHF antenna systems.
They are rugged in construction, designed to be durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions and last for many years.

The LB antenna panels are broadband, to cover the entire VHF or UHF band.
They can be supplied for horizontal or vertical polarization, with a standard -3dB beamwidth of 60° and can accept input power up to 2KW per panel.

The panels are also available as OEM units.


Components - Accessories

ABE also manufactures and supplies components and accessories for use and installation of its antenna panels and transmitting arrays:

  • Power splitters
  • Feeding cables
  • Connectors and Adapters
  • Air-dielectric cable dehydrators
  • Phase controlled interconnecting cables
  • Mechanical supports for antennas, dividers, cables etc.



The antenna arrays are designed by ABE using interactive CAD-CAE system.
We can obtain directional or omnidirectional horizontal radiation patterns, accurately calculating the electrical length of the distribution cables and disposition of the panels.
Vertical electrical beam tilt and null-filling are incorporated.


Consultancy, services & solutions offered

  • Antenna array design, including complex systems and 3D analysis
  • A Detailed Terrain Model of the entire planet to calculate coverage areas and interference
  • Complete Network planning, design and optimization
  • Single Frequency Networks (SFN) parameters management and interference analysis

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